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Why study at the IEA College of TAFE ?

About Us

  • Benefit from learner-centered training.
  • Gain more practical and hands-on training.
  • Get trained by well experienced trainers.
  • Benefit from credit transfers where applicable.
  • Benefit form cognition of prior learning (RPL) where appropriate.
  • Aligned with the PNG National Training Council.
  • Courses aligned with the PNG National Qualification Framework (PNGNQF) and the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).
  • Registered with PNG Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST)
  • Internationally recognized qualifications & certificates.
  • Pathways to international training providers.

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Our Enrolment Process


Enrolling at IEA College of TAFE couldn't be simpler - there's virtually nothing to it! All you need to do is follow these easy steps:
It's as easy as that! We're here to support you every step of the way, making the enrollment process hassle-free and straightforward. Your exciting educational adventure awaits!  



Affordable Tuition and DHEST Higher Education LOAN Program (HELP)!



Our Tuition Fees

"IEA College of TAFE Tuition Fees: Exceptional Value, Uncompromised Quality Education."

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Student Loan

The IEA College of TAFE also provides enroling students the opportunity to obtain financial loan from the DHERST Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

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Our Testimonies


Davana Jack
Senior Major Accounts
Customer Support Officer-(TELIKOM PNG)

"The practical/hands on training at IEA TAFE has given me the confidence to work as a technician and also broaden my skills to perform better within the telecommunication company"


Lee-Ann Turi 
Former IEA College of TAFE Student
James Cook University Student

" The IEA TAFE Diploma provided me with a pathway into my Bachelor at JCU Brisbane. The course also gave me credit making my degree more affordable. I'm so pleased I transited from IEA TAFE to JCU Brisbane. Studying here has set me up for the future "

Elis Pora
Former IEA College of TAFE Student
James Cook University Student

 "I am so pleased I transitioned from IEA TAFE to JCU Brisbane, studying here has set me up for the future."


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